Saturday, August 19, 2006

Proud Mary keep on melting

A worker in a California chocolate factory, cleaning under a vat in the kitchen, was shocked to discover a pile of chocolate drippings hardened into the shape of the Virgin Mary.

Apparently, the young woman had been dealing with a number of personal problems, and was starting to believe that God didn't exist. Her faith was renewed when she came across the small mass of chocolate, which bore a striking resemblence to the Virgen de Guadalupe prayer card she always carries with her.

And you know what? I think this is great. While my research indicates that the Vatican tends to frown on Blessed Virgin Mary sightings (and by "research," I mean watching the movie Stigmata 10,000 times), I love stories about people who find their way back to their God or Gods. Especially when the Virgin Mary is involved, since we all know how I feel about Her, right? Isis, Isis, Ra Ra Ra...

The fact that the She chose to replicate Herself in a rich n' creamy candy format is just icing on the cake. The chocolate cake.

The time has come to petition the good folks over at Chocolate Deities to create their own Virgin Mary confection: after all, if She's making little chocolate statues of Herself, it couldn't hurt to follow Her example. They already have a Sacred Heart chocolate bar, true, but that's not quite the same thing. Besides, eating a heart in any form gives me human sacrifice nightmares.

By the by, did anyone catch my hi-larious Catholic pun? If not, I'll be happy to provide helpful and/or cryptic hints.

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