Thursday, August 10, 2006


Are you guys familiar with the 11:11 phenomenon? If not, here's the gist of it. At some point during an average day, you glance at a digital clock, and the time reads 11:11. A couple of days later, you check the time on your cell phone, and it's 11:11. A few days after that, you drive past a bank and the time-and-temperature sign out front flashes 11:11. Eventually, you see 11:11 everywhere you look. You begin to suspect foul play.

The Internet is awash with 11:11 Web sites, each with its own unique interpretations, but all seem to agree that Someone or Something is trying to send a message to humanity. Aliens and angels are the most popular culprits, although I'll bet if I dig around enough, I'll find someone swearing it's a conspiracy, that the Illuminati are somehow manipulating time and space. (Silly Illuminati. When will they learn?)

Personally, I think it's all a bunch of psychosomatic, New Age horse pucky. You read an article about 11:11, or you find a Web site, or some crazy person on the street throws a pamphlet at you. Now the idea's been planted. If your conscious mind is actively dwelling on a particular concept, it's safe to assume your subconscious is playing with it, too. And since most people have some sort of awareness of time in general, around 11:00 your subconscious kicks in and starts keeping and eye out for clocks. Left unchecked, you will eventually find yourself talking to crystals and telling anyone who will listen about your indigo aura.

I've had a few 11:11 sightings here and there, and frankly, I cared as much as I did about yesterday being Wednesday (gasp) again! But check it. I walked into my office this morning and opened my e-mail, only to discover 11 new messages, all of which were time-stamped 11:11.

I still strongly maintain the whole thing is psychological, but man... that was fucking creepy.


Sarah L. Crowder said...

If you think 11:11 is trippy...start looking into 23.

You can start here:

Then go here:

And then go here:

And then go completely insane noticing 23s everyfrickin'where you go...


Evn said...

You know what's really trippy? If you add up 11:11 (1+1:1+1), you end up with 2:2, or 22. And if you add 1 to that, you get 23.

And if you add that together (2+3), you get 5. So the Discordians were right all along. Fnord!

Ted said...

I feel the same when I look and see that my oven is set to 450.

Evn said...

Me too. It means the children are going to come out overcooked and hard to chew.