Monday, August 21, 2006

He's dead, Jim.

I took an online quiz this morning to determine which Star Trek character I am. I'm not a Trekkie by any means, nor am I a big fan of Internet-based personality tests, but I figured it would be a fun way to kill a couple of minutes.

According to the quiz, I'm an Expendable Character in a Red Shirt.

We are not amused.

In case you're not a Trekkie, either, here's the skinny on the Red Shirts. On every episode, an "away party" of characters would beam down somewhere. The party would include two to five main characters (Kirk, Bones, Spock, Scotty, etc.), along with one extra, generally in a red Federation-issue shirt. Inevitably, an alien would attack, or there'd be an earthquake, or a shuttle would crash land, or a Tribble would come down with rabies. Everyone with a recurring role would dive out of the way and survive without a scratch, while the Red Shirt would promptly bite it. Mayflies have longer life expectancies than Red Shirts.

So that's me, then. I'm a Red Shirt. Excellent. I'd love to explore the psychological and archetypical ramifications of this topic, but my manager is on the rampage and looking for someone to maul. Conveniently, all of my co-workers have gone to lunch.


Ted said...

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Sarah L. Crowder said...

If you thought Red Shirt was bad...I turned out to be Will Riker.

I totally shouldn't have clicked yes on "You have made out with many beautiful women."

Damn it.

Evn said...

I can't tell if the Wicca/Firefox correlation is amusingly sarcastic or disturbingly fundamentalist. But either way, I totally giggled.

Evn said...

<< I turned out to be Will Riker >>

Well, look at it this way: you're slim, clean-shaven Riker, not beer-bellied, hairy Riker. That counts for something, right?

Red Delicious said...

I have not taken this test, but I am deciding that I get to be Guinan. It's completely arbitrary, but sometimes I feel like I was in Sister Act 2.

Daddy was a salesman. Daddy drank...

Evn said...

I'm going to tell your daddy you said this about him.