Friday, August 25, 2006

Follow the bouncing balls, son

My father just sent me an e-mail, containing a link to some kind of humorous television commercial. Before I could watch it, he wrote back saying, "Wait, wait, don't open anything!" It seems that someone from his office had forwarded the link to him, not realizing that the Web site was, um, inappropriate for a viewing audience under the age of 21. The x-rated nature of the site became readily apparent when he started clicking around, looking for other funny commercials, thereby uncovering a number of colorful ads featuring big boobs and the various things you can do with them.

My dad sent me porn.

I'm disturbed on ever so many levels right now. This is almost as mortifying as the time I accidentally left an adult-oriented, alternative-lifestyle, instructional video in his VCR.


Dan Fogleberg said...

Instructional? You mean the part where Guy #2 says "As Auntie Mame once said..."

Evn said...

More like the part where the one girl in the room says, "We should put this anatomy lesson into practice!"

And anyway, shut the fuck up, Dan Fogleberg.

Anonymous said...

Shut the fuck up, Dan Fogleberg