Friday, July 28, 2006

New policies, effective immediately

The lovely and talented Deborah Lipp has deigned to add a Lover of Strife link to her blog, Property of a Lady. Therefore, loyal Strifemongers (all both of you) are hereby required to read her blog on a regular, if not daily, basis.

Also, Pagan and/or Wiccan Strifemongers are obligated to buy multiple copies of her books.

Hi there. I'm a loyal Strifemonger, but I'm not Pagan. I am, however, obsessed with James Bond movies. How can I help?

Ms. Lipp recently penned the The Ultimate James Bond Fan Book, so you're not off the hook. Get to PayPallin'.


Deborah said...


Evn said...

No problem! If I ever write a book, you can plug me back.

Red Delicious said...


Evn said...

Yes, coins!

Um, what?