Sunday, July 16, 2006

The klutz he is a-changin'

Inspired by a brief, debilitating bout of "I feel like doing something," I've begun a simple woodstaining project. So far, I have not:

a) ruined the clothes I'm wearing.

b) tripped over a cat and dumped the entire can of stain onto the carpet.

c) burned the house down.

Jack would be so proud of me if he knew, but he's at work right now and won't find out what I'm doing until he gets home. I pretty much planned it that way. If I do destroy something, I'll have time to clean up and hide the evidence. If things keep going well, I'll get to go, "Surprise! I finished a small craft project that didn't result in us getting evicted!"

I'm a big believer in little victories.


Anonymous said...

Jack is still freaked. Nothing happening (for the first time ever) equates an omen of immanent danger. Something evil this way rum, red rum.


High Priest Azariah Carrington said...

Hey, your blog is great! Keep up the good work. Also, you no doubt have a calling from Our Lady of Parking Spaces so please allow me to offer a blessing: "May Squat bless you, and keep you, and provide you with abundant parking space." I know She appreciates the link:-)

Evn said...

Yes, I am a favored devotee of Squat. I've got what Jack calls "Doris Day Parking Karma": whenever we drive anywhere, I usually manage to park right by the front door, just like Doris did in her movies. It's a gift, so I try to use it wisely.