Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Kind of like Emily Dickinson

I'm determined to do something productive today, and as such, I've been halfheartedly shifting through the big pile of crap on my desk. So far I've put some things in drawers, inserted a photograph into a frame, removed the photo from the frame, and thrown away a paper towel.

Woo. Now I'm all sweaty.

I did, however, uncover a gem--a previously forgotten senryu (humorous and/or cynical haiku) scrawled on a random scrap of paper. If I remember correctly, I wrote it while drinking bourbon at a poetry club, and I think I really managed to capture that moment:

Mardi Gras

"Tits! Tits! Show your tits!"
But I don't show my tits. I
show my soul... No beads?

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