Friday, July 28, 2006

Happy Mercury Direct Day

Mercury went direct! No more retrograde! Quick, everyone communicate effectively and start planning vacations.

Of course, I've just learned that I'm smack-dab in the middle of my Saturn Return, so my life's going to be dripping toilet water until September 2007. But the rest of you, go have a party.


kangur05 said...

hi, good job :)


Evn said...

Thanks, you too!

Sarah L. Crowder said...

Your Saturn is in 0 degrees Leo, which means that the worst of your Saturn return should be over -- or will be over very, very soon (long before September 2007).

Although most (astrologically minded) people dread their Saturn returns(I know I did), they're really just a time of summing up and taking responsibility (one of those nasty Saturn keywords) for your actions. It *can* be a time of strife, but more often it's a time of new beginnings -- serious ones like career moves, cementing long term relationships, or parenting: the grown-up stuff.

As your Saturn is in the very beginning of Leo, you may become more serious about your artistic pursuits on some level -- but someone else may finish what you start (which is not necessarily a bad thing -- being an innovator is something in and of itself).

So buck up, little camper. Saturn is like the cranky friend who only comes to visit once in a while. Grit your teeth, inflate the air mattress, and start a publishing company.

Or something.

Evn said...

So now I'm a grown-up and a little camper?

Well, shit. I just wanted to be a cowboy.