Wednesday, July 05, 2006

1942 - 2006

Right after the Enron arraignments, I wrote a brief editorial for a Houston newspaper in which I predicted that Ken Lay would be, and I quote, "a feeder pet in the prison food chain."

So much for my career in prophesy.


Red Delicious said...

Check it - I'm dedicating the next Ubertoast show to Ken Lay, for where he is going there can be no presidential pardon.

Also, I wrote a sketch that was partly inspired by you, so you gots to see it.

Evn said...

It depends on which presidents he runs into there.

What is this sketch that is partially inspired by me? Tell all.

Red Delicious said...

It's more about wordplay than about poop & dick jokes. I originally started writing it back when you guys were doing the radio theater project, but I couldn't make it work. Then, suddenly, two weeks ago, it came to me, and I wrote it. Now, we're doing it in the show. It's become a parody of those shows like "Lost" where it's supposed to be about castaways on a deserted island, but there are so many characters it might as well be a small town.