Friday, June 02, 2006

Eat your heart out, Sally Fields

A local community theatre has asked me to star in a one-man show, premiering sometime next summer.

I've spent the last few minutes in my living room, practicing my curtain call:

One bow to stage right, arms behind back. Big smile.

One bow to stage left, arms behind back. Big smile.

One bow to stage center, arms relaxed, dangling at sides, spent. Big smile, eyes showing the faintest glimmering of tears (i.e., "You like me...").

As audience rises to their feet, I clap back at them. We all share a hearty laugh at my disarming, comic self-deprication, and my selfless acknowledgement of the audience as an integral part of my heartrending performance.

Oh Gods but I'm good.


Anonymous said...

Wow. I totally found your blog at random today.

I used to be your roommate, but then we decided to fall in love and get steady relationships with people.

Also, you can find my musings more often at

All for now.

Evn said...

I almost didn't respond to your comment. I thought it was more blog spam (I get a lot of it, mainly regarding equine massage therapy).

Weird, though... I was just napping, and had a dream that I was in a show you directed, but I couldn't remember if we had a show tonight, so I called you. You said we did have a show. So I said, "okay, I'll be there," but then I decided not to go. And then I woke up. What does this mean?!

Hope you like the blog. I'm working on becoming a gadfly--this is my starting point.

MySpace sucks!

Red Delicious said...

More blogs, please.

Evn said...


Or, Yessir. Whichever's appropriate.

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