Friday, June 30, 2006

Ah, Witch Duckie, we hardly knew ye...

Some astute readers may have noticed that my profile picture, an adorable rubber duckie sporting a hilarious pointy black hat, has been replaced with an image of a blood-spattered psychopath.

Perhaps I should explain.

I've been trying for veritable eons to find a decent image of Evnissyen (the mythic original; I have pictures of me), but without success. I did, however, find a cute little witch duckie with a Bailey's Irish Cream logo across his cute little duckie breast. It made a better self-representation than, say, the lifesized portrait of me painted by one of my mom's art school buddies, in which I'm depicted as fatter, balder and generally more toothless than I am in person.

So I went with the duckie.

One bright day, while tooling about with Google, I ran a search for Efnisien (the Welsh spelling of my name; "Evnissyen" is the English version) and stumbled across a Web site for a Mabinogion cartoon movie. It was love at first bloddy sight--unfortunately, the site and the cartoon are both in Welsh. Me no speakee the Welsh. I may be able to get my hands on a copy of the film, but I'm pretty sure my DVD player does not feature Welsh-to-English subtitles. Unless I sit in front of the TV reading out loud from a modern Mabinogion translation while the movie plays in the background, there's not much chance of me being entertained for more than a few minutes.

On the bright side, the Web site was chock full o' screen shots, all of them featuring handy captions. There were several great Efnisien pics to choose from (Efnisien sacrificing himself to destroy the Cauldron of Rebirth; Efnisien standing around looking bored; Efnisien cracking everyone up with his Brando impersonation), but I settled on Efnisien covered in blood, staring directly into the camera and cackling maniacally. It suits me.

He's even got the crazy eyes. I get the crazy eyes sometimes, so I totally know how he feels.

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