Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Living up to my name

My four-year relationship with a local gay-and-lesbian lifestyle magazine, to which I contributed humorous essays, feature articles and book reviews, has ended. Badly. On account of I may or may not have kinda-sorta accused the business manager of being an extortionist.

The situation itself is not worth rehashing, other than the fact that the guy's a total prick, and it was quite empowering to point this out to him. Of course, I expected some degree of fallout--for example, the business manager admitting, "You're right, I'm a terrible person. What sort of heinous life have I led? Oh, won't somebody please end all the misery I've inflicted on others," etc. What I didn't expect was a whole bunch of disappointed looks and the phrase "burning bridges" bandied about with far too much regularity for my sense of well-being.

Truthfully, I was shocked that none of my friends, family or business associates saw things my way. I mean, I figured someone would applaud my efforts to stand up against the Man in the name of the Little Guy (tm). But alas, my partner is now encouraging me to look into anger management classes, and my co-workers have unamimously voted to upgrade me from "that weird guy with the witch snowglobe on his desk" to "that weird guy with the witch snowglobe on his desk who's going to snap at any moment; no sudden moves, people."

Ah, the joys of being an idealistic, self-righteous jackass.

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