Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Speaking of Witchcraft...

A co-worker and I were hanging about in front of our building, sneaking a quick cigarette break. He asked what my plans were for the weekend, and I replied that I was flying to California to visit friends.

"You do that a lot," he remarked, his brow furrowing. "Why do you go to California every few months?"

I stuttered for a reply, and then blurted, "I'm a Witch, and I'm going to see my coven."

"Oh," he said, his interrogation face crumbling into disappointment. "I thought maybe you were having an affair."

A couple of different things bothered me here. First of all, if I was going to pay over $200 to have sex, he can come to my house, thank you very much, and he better look exactly like the picture in the back of the magazine. Second of all, why is the possibility of me having an affair that interesting? I'm gay, for Christ's sake. The fact that I'm not having an affair at least warrants a Page 2 mention in the National Enquirer. And third of all... why did I fold that quickly? To be honest, I'm pretty disappointed in myself for not coming up with a believable excuse. Again, I wonder just how long I would have lasted in 17th-century America:

"Master Whitaker, be it true that thou art a Witch?"

"Well, duh. But I'm certainly not having an affair, if that's what thou art implying..."


zippahzip said...

thomas - it's caroline. i like your blog. also, iit would be fun to hang out while we're there for a few weeks this xmas/new year's time. hope all is well.

eleKtrofly said...

merry meet and bright blessings brother!

i stumbled onto your blog and saw we have a lot in common.

lastnights yule fire brought good omens and i see some mighty change for the better will be taking place in something much bigger than us. i hope bush gets impeached, but the scrying was unclear. did the winter moon bring any visions your way?

merry met and merry part
may the goddess bless you ever.

Anonymous said...

My HPS always breaks down in these kind of situations.

One night, she invited me out to dinner with her academic lesbian friends. She warned me she would tell them we met at a meditation circle (not much better in my opinion).

Dinner was going well and eventually one woman asked how we knew each other. My HPS nervously replied. The woman asked, "What kind of meditation?" My HPS stuttered and blurted out, "It's actually a coven; we're in the same coven." The women went, oh, with disappointment. I guess witches in covens aren't that interesting anymore.

Evn said...

And see, if she'd said, "We're in the same coven... and we're having an affair," the academic lesbians would've been fascinated.