Sunday, July 31, 2005

Bestest Friends in the Whole Wide World

Jack and I went antiquing today, on account of we're a gay couple, and that's what gay couples do on Sunday afternoons. Jack, while not particularly Pagan himself, has this uncanny gift for finding the most Pagan-oriented tchotckes, so within no time I was up to my elbows in stag head candlesticks and zodiac ashtrays.

Jack says that at times like this, he feels like an enabler. I chuckled ("No, you're a Wiccanabler! Ha ha ha..."), thinking he was making a funny. Unfortunately, he then broke the sad news that some of our friends think he's an enabler, too.

As it turns out, Jack's been fielding phone calls from mutual acquaintances who are concerned about how "deep" I've gotten into Paganism. This struck me as both hilarious and insulting: it cracks me up how puritanical people can get when faced with alternative view points, and at the same time, it's shocking to learn just how many of my friends think I'm a prime candidate for getting sucked into a cult. It's also rather sobering to know that if I threw myself into, say, the Baptist Church, people would call me devout. But because I'm devoutly Pagan, I've "gotten in too deep."

Years ago, I was sitting in a therapy session describing various interpersonal relationships when my psychologist remarked, "You know, I just don't know how you find these people. Do you give off some weird radar or something?" In retrospect, I really should've taken that comment more seriously.


00goddess said...

In my experience, this sort of thing often comes from friends who have control issues; specifically, they want to control YOU. You're moving outside their sphere of control- watch out!

Hi neighbor said...

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