Friday, June 03, 2005

Get to know me! ME!!!

So, "Evnissyen." What the hell kind of stupid name is that?

Evnissyen is what's commonly called a "public" name. Lots of NeoPagans have them. Basically, it's the name you go by when you're in a Pagan-oriented setting, like a festival or a campout, although some NeoPagans use theirs on a daily basis (which makes for far more interesting job interviews).

Then Evnissyen's not your real name.

Actually, it is. It's a lot more real than whatever name shows up on my paychecks.

Huh. So you go around making people call you Evnissyen?

I usually go by Evn (pronounced "Evan," not "Ev-nuh"), which in general saves a lot of time and confusion:

"Hi, I'm Morrigan!"

"Morgan, is it?"

"No, Morrigan. She was an ancient Celtic war deity, and a Crone aspect of the Triple Goddess!"

"Um, okay. Nice to meet you, Morgan."

There are a number of NeoPagans out there who revel in these kinds of situations, and bully for them. Personally, though, I'd rather be able to introduce myself without having to give crash courses in Welsh mythology.

What's the significance of your middle name? Is the wren your personal totem? A spirit guide of some sort?

It's just a family name on my dad's side.

Oh. That's not very interesting at all, then.

Not really, no. Anything else?

I think we're all done here. Thank you for your concise, insightful answers. You're a credit to the Pagan community.

Yeah, I know.

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