Wednesday, June 02, 2004

"I'm sarong and sari." -Ellen DeGeneres

I attended a sweat lodge this weekend. It was... well, sweaty. I could go on for awhile about the personal revelations that came to me while in the lodge, but instead, I want to discuss the miracle of the sarong.

A couple of the guys who attended the sweat opted to wear sarongs as opposed to say, cheat swimwear from Wal-Mart (my personal choice). I kept looking at them and thinking, "wow, they look really comfortable." When I mentioned this to my friend Sarah the next day, she said, "Why yes, they ARE comfortable," then dug through her closet, and handed me a multi-colored swath of fabric. "I never wear this," she said. "Why don't you take it?"

That evening, while lounging about the condo, I decided to try on said multi-colored swath of fabric, and Oh. My. God. I have never been so comfortable in my life. The cloth was so breathable, no underwear to ride up and lead to embarrassing crotch-clutchy situations... it was like heaven: 100% printed cotton heaven.

I spent the next day at work picking at my khaki slacks and thinking, "oh, how I wish I were in a sarong right now," and then I whiled away the rest of the afternoon perusing sarongs, kilts and men's skirts on the Internet. Jack feels that this is the onset of me turning into a drag queen, and he's made his peace with that. However, I would like to point out that while if I were a drag queen, I'd get to wear all the skirts I wanted, I would also be forced to wear panty hose, which I'm told is not so comfy. Also I would have to wear make-up and shave more than once every two days, which, frankly, is never going to happen. So no official drag for me. Which is a kind of a shame, because I'm really good at lip-syncing.

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