Thursday, February 05, 2004

Cat owner. Four letters.

You know what I love more than warm Pop-Tarts (tm) on a frosty morning? When a web site offers challenging, entertaining word games with simple, unassuming graphics for years and years, and then one fateful day, changes their format, replacing said games with hyped-up, loud, neon-intensive "games" with no discernable rules (just keep clicking... you'll know when you've lost). And then, this wonderful resource of a web site feels the need to publish a "letter from the editor" on it's front page in response to the deluge of hate mail received over the loss of these games, explaining how the new "games" are much more entertaining than the old ones ever were. Yeah, I just love that.

I have no proof, but I'm sure that ClearChannel Communications is somehow behind this.

In completely unrelated news: Cats don't like potted meat. I'm out of cat food, and the significant other won't be home with more cat food until after class (which is okay, on account of he promised to bring me vegetarian burritos), so I skipped down to the neighborhood Quickie Mart in search of a cat food substitute, because my cats are acting like they've been roaming in the desert for 40 days with nothing but their faith and self-importance to keep them alive. I found a little can of potted meat, which included as ingredients "mechanically separated chicken" (yum!) and "beef tripe" (tasty!). But I figured, hey, they're cats, right? They'll eat anything as long as it tastes like something that grazes. Well, they ate it, but after much looking in their bowl, then looking at me, then looking at each other, then looking at the bowl (repeat).

Hey, I had hot n' spicy peanuts for dinner, okay? They need to quit the snivelling and chow down. Potted meat doesn't grow on trees... um, well, I think some of the ingredients do... but whatever. They got food, dammit, with much less ash and nitrates than in regular cat food. They should be grateful.

And if you'll excuse me, I believe two of my finicky babies are puking on the carpet.

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