Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Those five little words

This past Saturday, Sarah and I went up to the Laff Stop to see our friend Robin perform. He's getting wildly popular around town: people have been screaming "Moon Wars!" (one of his best bits) at him where ever he goes, and he's even managed to attract a little gaggle of groupies. He doesn't seem too thrilled about that, though. After the show, whenever one of these girls would hug him, he'd shoot me this pained, uncomfortable glance, and then he'd go hug Sarah.

The headliner that night was ex-SNL cast member Kevin Nealon, and I begged Robin to introduce me. Usually, I'm not too big on meeting famous people, but Kevin Nealon is a representative of the pop culture of my childhood. I asked Robin to help me come up with witty things to say to him, so that he'd remember me and maybe tell all his friends about me; Robin's response was, "Just don't get superdrunk." In retrospect, sage advice.

After the show, Kevin Nealon was hanging out in the bar, chatting with people and munching on Kettle Chips. Robin ushered me over and said, "Kevin, this is my friend [Evn]." "Nice to meet you," Kevin said, then "Would you like a potato chip?" I wasn't that hungry, but how often does one get offered food from Mr. Subliminal? between bites, I admitted that I wasn't very familiar with his stand-up, but had admired his work in movies for years.

"Really?" he asked, eyebrows up.

"I loved you in Jeffrey" I said, mentioning a film that came out about ten years ago, in which he played a telelvision reporter covering a gay pride parade. His part in the movie lasted about three minutes.

"Wow!" he said. This look of surprise washed over his face, and he almost dropped his bag of Kettle Chips. "I can't believe anyone remembers me from that film," he continued. "It was a great opportunity, though, and I really enjoyed it. That's so cool that you saw it. Hey, what say we go grab a couple of beers? Victoria Jackson and Jon Lovitz are in town, so let's go meet up with them..." That is, he would have said all these things had two of Robin's groupies not swept in and started trying to flirt with him.

But he really did say "Wow!" and look all shocked and surprised when I mentioned Jeffrey.

Those Kettle Chips, though. Tastee.

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