Thursday, December 18, 2003

Slamming and Squashing and Slamming

I won a poetry slam last night. Granted, this in itself is not headline-breaking news, but it's a small, personal victory. I've competed in a number of slams, made the finals round in some, and usually placed second or third. Which was cool. I've never touted myself as a "slam poet," and while I do admire those who are, it's just not the genre where I do my best work.

Except I won. I cut loose, held nothing back, and remembered all the words (an important element to efficient slam, I'm told). Mainly, I just had much much fun. The coach of the Houston Slam Team said encouraging things about my work, though, and later on in the evening this friend of mine named Scott (an extremely talented poet and phyisically well put together young lad) told me that a poem I wrote a while back about my grandpa's funeral was one of his favorite poems ever.

Compliments like that are even better when they come from a guy who could probably squash a grapefruit with his bicep.

Yeah, a good night all around.

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