Wednesday, December 24, 2003

My Dad Created the Universe and All I Got Was This Lousy Holiday Celebrated in My Name

I'm having a different kind of Christmas Eve this year.

Growing up, my family went to church every Christmas Eve, where my brother and I sang in the choir (our children's choir rocked, but our bell choir left something to be desired: a bit heavy on the showtunes). I loved the ritual and pagentry of the Christmas Eve service, and everything leading up to it inflamed my holiday spirit to Osmond proportions.

In college, I worked in retail, so the Christmas holidays tended to be hectic, if not downright homicidal. I usually didn't get to go to church with my family, but that was okay. Maybe it's growing up in a capitalistic society, but I loved watching Christmas decorations going up around the mall, and I even loved Christmas music (except for Kenny G and the Beach Boys: some people were not meant to spread Christmas cheer). My favorite part, though was driving home late on Christmas Eve, then sneaking around while my family was asleep, wrapping presents and sticking them under the tree, filling stockings, and running the dishwasher (clean plates for my mom in the morning!).

The last year had really done a number on my Christmas spirit (working for a church and then getting fired tends to kill off appreciation for the religious aspects of holidays), and while I'm back in retail, the only Christmas cds we play in the store are Rupaul's "Ho Ho Ho," the Go Go Boys' "Homo for the Holidays" and some crap from Linda Eder. So as of yet, no warm fuzzy holiday feelings to speak of.

But here's my plan. I'm going to pick Jack up from work, and we're going up to Helios for the weekly Wednesday night reading. Sarah's hosting, and she's promised to bring surrealist word games. While I won't be in church or with my family, I'll have surrounded myself with an extended family of my own choosing, and celebrating this holiday season through appreciation of poetic expression.

Can't think of a better way to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Is He old enough to drink yet? Cuz I bought Him a brew-your-own beer kit.

Happy Yule from the Zoo.

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