Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Home for the Hellidays

I so freakin' hate the Holidays. I used to love this time of year, but for an odd reason: I worked in retail (more specifically, I worked in a mall), and I just fed off of the extended hours, the hordes of customers, 24-hour-a-day Christmas carols... loved it loved it loved it.

Things have changed dramatically, though. I spent last year's holiday season working for a church, getting thrown into a position I never really got trained for and dealing with people I didn't gel with (except for my proofreader. She was and is a diva. I'm thinking of writing her in during the next presidential election). On top of that mess, I had to try to coordinate visits between my boyfriend and my family: I was allowed to bring Jack home for Thanksgiving, but not Christmas. Therefore, I spent Christmas morning at home with Jack, and then dashed across town to spend a few hours with my parents, before zooming back home for dinner with Jack. In trying to make everyone happy, I managed to make everyone feel slightly abandonded and myself miserable.

I'm not sure how I'm going to handle things this year. Jack's and my good buddy Brook is going to be in town by himself this year, and has invited Jack over for Christmas day, in case my family isn't comfortable with him coming over. But then, I don't get to spend time with him, but I do get to spend some time with my family, who'll be pissed when I book back downtown instead of staying over, so argh. Bleh. Humbug.

Next year, I swear I am going to spend the holidays at an agrarian Celtic-style monastery in Arkansas (there really is one there, outside of Eureka Springs: "Eureka! Springs!"), and on Christmas day, I'll exchange small, tasteful presents with the monks before whiling away the afternoon with contemplative prayer and self-flagellation. Then my parents will invite Jack over, if only because my mom always makes too much food, and they'll bond and be happy.

Do monastery kitchens make dietary exceptions for vegetarians? Hmmm... perhaps I should pack some boca burgers and energy bars, just in case...

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