Monday, August 04, 2003

Of the two non-profts, my favorite is...

The best part about my job is the people... for example, the three people who have to approve any project I complete. Three people with wildly different tastes and design ideas. I'll add a bunch of edits to a particular project and turn in a draft, only to have one supervisor change everything back, then have a different supervisor change all THAT back, etc. etc. It's a vicious circle. A vicious Episcopal circle.

On a happy note, Sarah and I managed to get the first part of one of our radio plays produced. Robin Weinburgh, the Funniest Stand-Up Comedian We Know Personally (tm), read one of the characters, and was just amazing. We're looking to have the entire piece produced and ready to go on Tuesday evening, and then we can move on to our opus, "BBC World Service Turrette's Syndrome News Hour."

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