Monday, July 07, 2003

"Now my pants are chafing me..."

A straight friend of mine hit on me yesterday. Sort of. He's going through a breakup, and was complaining to me about the current lack of sex in his life, and made a comment to the effect of "I'm about ready to ask you to take care of it." Okay, he was joking, but there was a subtle, Dirk Yatesian feel to the conversation; I'm pretty sure that if I had said, "You mean, take care of...this?" I would've ended up with a hell of a lot of explaining to do across the board.

Here's the thing, though: the guy's cute as all hell. We've always flirted in a casual, harmless way (kind of like sorority sisters), but I've always thought of him as quite the catch. So when he made the "porno-movies-start-this-way" comment, my first reaction was, "Why couldn't you get this desperate when I was single?!"

Note to self: find some ugly, homophobic straight guys to hang out with.

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