Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Horton Hears a Sue

There's a 4-piece funk and jazz band in Ann Arbor, MI, called "Roadside Zoo." I was fairly freaked out when I discovered this, seeing as how I thought calling my web site "Roadside Zoo" was incredibly original, until I looked at their web site, roadsidezoomusic.com. Turns out, they got together long after I put up my site; looks like I even swiped the domain they wanted. You gotta be quick around up sensitive poet types.

I feel kind of bitchy saying this, but I totally understand why bands get sued over their names (i.e. "'Nickelback' is a registered trademark of our senior's investor club!" or some such). At the same time, I don't want to squelch anyone else's artistic sensibilities, so I'll just pout. That makes everything better.

Jack suggested that maybe I inspired the name, like, maybe they were sifting through the internet and thought, "wow, that would be a great name for a four-piece funk and jazz band. I think I'll start one! Hey, who wants to be in a band called Roadside Zoo...?" For the sake of my paranoia, I'll just go with that. I like the idea of being a muse.

Right now I'm istening to the music of Visudo, the composer/producer who wants to work with me on a spokenword album. His work is really, really cool: my goal now is to self-produce the album, and then send it out as a demo to a couple of independent record labels and see what happens. I know it's unrealistic, but I relish the thought of Ani DiFranco sitting in her living room, listening to my poetry and thinking, "Hmmmm... I think I'll call this guy up and offer him several thousand dollars and a recording contract..."

Speaking of contracts, I finally got a manuscript submission together and fired it off to Manic D Press. I called their offices to find out who their poetry editor was, and was told by an incredibly friendly secretary, "Oh, just address it to Manic D. No big deal." Lawd, I hope they like me. If I end up published by the same company that puts out Justin Chin, my heart will swell and my head will explode.

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