Thursday, July 10, 2003

The Dinner Party: a Vignette


We find our heroes at home, preparing to go to a potluck dinner party. Jack has spent the last three hours busy in the kitchen. Evn is sprawled in the bedroom, watching a B movie on Sci-Fi.

Jack enters the bedroom with a big bowl of hummus.

Jack: "Taste this."
Evn: "Mmmm. That's good hummus."
Jack: "Does it need anything?"
Evn: "Maybe a little lemon..."
Jack: "It's got a ton of lemon in it."
Evn: "Oh. Then it's really good."
Jack: "What's wrong with it?"
Evn: "Nothing. It's really good. I usually prefer creamier hummus, but..."
Jack: "It's very creamy."
Evn: "Fine. It's perfect, then."
Jack: "What else does it need?"
Evn: "Nothing! It's fine!"
Jack: "Are you sure?"
Evn: "A little more olive oil wouldn't hurt..."
Jack: "It's got three cups of olive oil."
Evn: "I'm wrong, then. It's the best hummus ever made."
Jack: "You don't like it."
Evn: "Aaaargh! I like it, okay?! It's FINE!"

Jack leaves the bedroom. Evn develops an overwhelming urge for a cocktail and a cigarette. Jack returns with a bowl of chicken salad.

Jack: "Taste this."


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