Monday, July 21, 2003

Compliments and Curtain Calls

"You Can't Take it With You" opened this weekend, to rave reviews... okay, we kind of sucked, but it turns out many memebers of the cast are skilled at covering other people's flubs, so the show ran smoothly regardless. We had a matinee yesterday, with an audience of senior citizens. They didn't clap until the curtain call, and they didn't react to anything that was happening on stage. I kept thinking, "C'mon guys, this play was written when you were all teenagers! You should at least get the jokes!" Next time I'm on stage and the audience doesn't clap at the end of an act, I'm going to wait until the blackout and then start clapping like crazy, just to nudge the audience in the right direction.

Oh yeah, the big freakin' compliment: My friend Morgan, who I've known ever since she was a freshman in college, told me last night that when she first met me, she had a huge crush on me. Morgan is gorgeous, talented, intelligent, independent... while I am perfectly happy with my sexual orientation/determination/whatever we're calling it these days, it's nice to know that if I ever jumped the fence, I'd have a really cool girlfriend.

Speaking of Morgan, her boyfriend (also gorgeous and talented: if they ever get married and have kids, they'll become the Partridge Family) gave me a CD of various electronic songs he'd composed. I'd made a comment to him a while back that I wanted to put out a spokenword CD with electronic music behind it, and apparently, he's very interested in the project. His music rocks, too: ranges from calm and ambient to toe-tapping, x-dropping mayhem. I was running poems in my head along to his music and thought, "Wow, this could really work."

AND, on top of that, on Saturday I laid down vocal tracks for a local radio station's upcoming Radio Theatre Project, and was invited to come write and direct for the project. While none of this is making me any money, my name's going to be all over Houston. And not just on restroom walls and stall doors...

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