Tuesday, July 08, 2003

Commissions, without the commission

OutSmart Magazine is doing a feature next month on reflections on the Supreme Court's sodomy ruling, and the editor asked me to contribute a poem. I've been messing around with ideas for a couple of days now, but all I've come up with is, "It is officially legal for Antonin Scalia to go fuck himself." Not sure if that's the angle they'd like...

It just hit me that in less than a month, I take over hosting Helios' Wed. night poetry readings. Much psyched about it... Helios (nee the Mausoleum) was one of the first places I ever read poetry out loud, and I've made a lot of good buddies at that venue, so I'm going to end up getting really emotional about the whole hosting thing (a real Sally Fields at the Oscars moment). Helios usually maintains a stable of about three or four hosts, but almost all of them are ready to give it up, so I'll probably be hosting three nights out of the month instead of just one. As of this moment, I'm hosting a monthly glbt reading called "In Our Own Write" that's really taking off (we're working on getting an anthology together), and I'm starting to enjoy the hosting more than the performing. Color me egotistical, but I feel like I've paid some dues and have moved to a more respected level of the Houston scene, you know?

Yeah, that sounds pretty egotistical. I'll have to summon up my forensics days and practice looking gracious.

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