Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Operation: New Job

The Houston Press is hiring editors. I desperately want to apply for a position, but at the same time, I'm terrified I'll get it. Do I give up my current cushy, stressful-but-decent-paying job in an attempt to forward a career in journalism, or do I stay where I am and keep doing freelance writing and monthly poetry readings on the side? Aargh. I hate grown-up decisions.

I'm sure I'd be happier in the long run if I just said "screw it," quit my job and focused on writing, but the idea of no viable income makes me queasy. If Jack gets back into radio and ends up making the kind of money he used to make, I'll think about it. He's already told me he'd be willing to pay the bills for awhile if he got a lucrative enough position, so that I could work on my writing and picking up more publishing credits, but I don't know how well I could handle that. If my job was to stay home and create while Jack earned the paychecks, would I be responsible enough to do dishes and laundry while he was at work, or would I just sit around, chatting on instant messenger and doing online crossword puzzles while the cats crapped on the furniture and strange new disease spawned in the kitchen sink?

This would so not be a big deal if I'd just gone to law school like my mom wanted me to.

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